Rosamondford Turkey Farm

Why Our Turkeys Taste Better

Why should you?…

“Amazing and extremely tasty! The best turkey we’ve ever eaten! And very a reasonably price. The whole family were very satisfied. I’d never go anywhere else.” RBH

  • appreciate how turkey rearing affects flavour?
  • know about how turkeys are treated and transported?
  • understand about the freshness of the meat?
  • reconsider buying from your local supermarket?
  • buy your next turkey from Rosamondford Farm?
  • want a taste guarantee?
Criteria Supermarket Rosamondford
Breeds Normally a single fast-growing stag turkey bred quickly. Traditional breeds, mostly hens.
Care Reared in crowded, intensive, controlled environments. Even “free range” birds may only have spent a few days outside. Reared in spacious barns and allowed to roam freely in farm fields as soon as the birds are mature.
Diet Often fed with cheap grain and artificial additives to accelerate growth. Only fed a natural cereal and vegetable protein diet without additives or animal proteins.
Maturity Often slaughtered when the bird reaches two months old. Water may be added to increase weight. Fully mature adults reared for at least 24 weeks which are heavier and have more meat.
Taste Younger frozen birds are normally dry and tasteless when cooked. Dense meat and natural marbling ensure a succulent taste and texture.
Transportation Often transported long distances, plucked under water by machine and instantly frozen. Birds are grown, prepared and supplied on the farm premises.
Freshness Usually frozen perhaps months before they reach your table. Always fresh. You can collect and cook on the same day.
Price Can be cheap per pound, but you are often paying for water and poor-quality birds. Better overall value and taste.
Guarantees Supermarkets rarely offer taste guarantees. Each of our turkeys carries a quality guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, we refund your money.