Rosamondford Turkey Farm

Totally Traditional Turkey Guarantee

Our membership of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) ensures we follow a 12-point guarantee of quality:

“Amazing and extremely tasty! The best turkey we’ve ever eaten! And very a reasonably price. The whole family were very satisfied. I’d never go anywhere else.” RBH

  1. Turkeys are reared with the greatest care by an independent farmer dedicated to producing the finest birds.
  2. Turkeys are grown slowly to full maturity.
  3. Turkeys are fed whole grain with no animal protein or additives for growth. Turkeys are never given drugs or antibiotics unless prescribed by a vet.
  4. Turkeys are housed in buildings with natural light and ventilation. Each bird has space which exceeds Animal Welfare Code recommendations and permitted to graze outside when mature.
  5. Turkeys are handled with extreme care by experienced farm staff.
  6. Turkeys can bed down on comfortable straw and soft wood shavings.
  7. Turkeys are slaughtered on the premises to avoid the stress of transportation.
  8. Turkeys are traditionally dry-plucked and hung for at least seven days to mature and develop natural flavour.
  9. The farm is regularly checked to adhere with health and safety standards.
  10. All facilities are inspected by Environmental Health and Meat Hygiene Service officers.
  11. Every bird is individually inspected to to ensure it reaches our quality standard.
  12. All turkeys carry a full money-back guarantee in the unlikely event of customer dissatisfaction.